Thursday, December 15, 2016

*made up short story

Kim is 5 years young her mother had bought her a puppy before she passed away. The puppy was a female husky named kisses because she loved giving kisses she was a lovable puppy. Kim loved her puppy so much she would take her to school everyday until her teacher had told her to not bring her puppy to school because it was a distraction to the kids in the class. The next day kim had to leave kisses with her father. Kim's dad was in his early 30’s and his name was conner. Later that day Conner had forgotten to feed kisses. Conner was looking for kisses all over the house and did not find her in her room. Conner started to freak out because he couldn't find her, he then saw her in his shoe closet and saw that kisses had ripped up his good shoes. Conner got really mad and started smacking and kicking kisses. The puppy ran to her room. She was frightened by what just happened. When ki got home she tried to pick up kisses but she would only whimper and she didn't know what was wrong with her so she asked her father and her father told her that she had rolled down the stairs. Everyday after that day her father would beat kisses until Kim turned 9 years old. Kim found out that her father would beat her dog because she caught him while he was beating kisses. Kim tried to stop him but he just smacked her in the face. After that day he realized he was a horrible person and went to therapy everyday while he was in jail and also when he got out of jail he went to therapy until her got better. Conner was not there for Kim's first kiss story, he was not there for her first breakup and heartbreak, he was not there for her when she needed help on her math homework, he wasn't there for her 8th grade graduation or her high school graduation, he wasn't there when she got the good news that she was accepted to Harvard, and finally he was not there to watch her grow up into the amazing young lady all because her father made the mistake of hurting an animal.

The moral of this story is that if you hurt your pet you will most likely end up hurting your child and will not be able to watch her or him grow up.

Friday, December 9, 2016

*Collab post

Having a Pet Can Be Healthy
By: Areli Silva (
Brenda Mejia (Animals)
It is scientifically proven fact that you can be happy by having a pet in your life. One of the facts is that they make you more happy and help you be healthy. Having a dog helps you keep in shape or help your pet and yourself to be much healthier because by walking your dog, you and your pet get exercise or just buy playing with your pet. Exercise is really important both for the human body and the animal body it's important for your pet because it makes the bones stronger and it is important for a person to walk as well because that way you don't become weak and unhealthy. I was reading an article “how often should one walk their dog?” And it said that it depended on what breed your pet is.

Stress Relief
When you have had a long day and are stressed you can hang around your pet because they are positive and lovable. Having your pet around is always a great thing. Having your pet around when you are stressed is good because it releases stress and is a proven fact because you are around good vibes and happy living souls.

Cheer you up
Animals are always cheerful and you can always count on them to make you happy and being happy is healthy for you and your pet. Pets are a must have when you're the type of person that doesn't like to be alone by themselves all the time they can also help you when you are depressed they tickle you with their nose or like you until you laugh or smile because they want to see you happy and not sad.

They reduce blood pressure
Happy talk, speaking in an upbeat tone, or laughter around animals releases hormones in humans that lower blood pressure, and make animals feel better too.

They relax you
Petting your cat or dog may be really enjoyable for them, but the it can also relax you, as well. Moore suggests petting with a purpose to increase the release of feel-good hormones in animals and humans. Give your dog or cat a head-to-tail therapeutic massage by running hand over hand through the body.

Having a pet is the most amazing thing you can do I guarantee you, because having an animal around you just makes you happy, and if you're happy they're happy. Areli and I did this calbertion blog together because we care about humans health and also animals health.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

passion blog

My blog is about animals and mostly about animal abuse. I chose this topic because I'm really passionate about animals. I probably like animals more than I like people because animals are so loving. If a dog is mean i think it's the owners fault because they didn't raise their pet right. People that get their dogs to get into dog fights are the worst. I had a dog but I had to give it away because I was moving into a home that did not allow pets so I had to give him away and I gave him away to my neighbor's brother and I didn't know he had dogs in dog fights before and my dog was the friendliest dog ever and then I found out that my dog had been put in dog fights and had passed away I was devastated I love my dog so much and after the guy had him he was mean all the time he would bark at people and tried to bit them it was horrible. I had another dog but I also had to give him away and I gave it to my dad's friend and he said that “he thought he tied him right” because he had him in the back of the truck and my dog jumped out in the freeway and that's why I love animals so much because I hate seeing them hurt or frightened. I love all types of animals I'm always at my uncle's farm because he has cows, chickens, goats, horses, dogs, and cats. I just love being surrounded by animals

Friday, October 7, 2016

humor post: joke

Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufasa.

Source 1

 Humane society 
Humane society is a good source because it tells me a lot about animal cruelty and adoption.
They recently wrote on animal abuse and the stats said that 70.1 percent of dogs get abused.

Source 2
 The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome
This source is helpful because it tells you a true story about Baltimore, a 2-year-old female pit bull terrier who was abused by his owners.

Source 3
This source is helpful because it helps people find information about adoption and a step to creating positive changes for these animals and recognizing the cruelty that threatens them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Introduction to my blog

I choose the topic of animals because I really care for them. Animals are mistreated just because a person feels like hurting them and think just because they are animals they can't defend themselves, people just don't know that animals don't fight back because they have a big heart and that person will always have a certain spot in their heart because they care for that person no matter how bad you treat them. Some animals get traumatized of how bad that person hurt them but they still go back to them because the animal does not know how to react because in their eyes you are still the most perfect person they have ever looked at. That's why I choose this topic because I want to talk about how animals get abused and what we can do to stop animal cruelty.

In my blog I would like to talk about animal abuse and also how we can stop it. Animals like dogs are most likely to get abused because the majority of people have a pet dog. Dogs were given to us to have as friends not for a target to hurt that's why they are called a “Man's best friend”. I know that animal abuse is not just hurting dogs but other animals that get mistreated such as cats, birds (pet birds not the ones you hunt), bunnies, etc.

I hope to make an impact on people who abuse their pets. I want to help people see what is wrong with hurting an animal that does nothing but love its owner. I understand that sometimes your pet does something bad but it does not give you the right to hurt that little animal, it annoys me when someone hits their pet because that person would not like it if someone else slapped them across the face or just smacked them.