Thursday, September 22, 2016

Introduction to my blog

I choose the topic of animals because I really care for them. Animals are mistreated just because a person feels like hurting them and think just because they are animals they can't defend themselves, people just don't know that animals don't fight back because they have a big heart and that person will always have a certain spot in their heart because they care for that person no matter how bad you treat them. Some animals get traumatized of how bad that person hurt them but they still go back to them because the animal does not know how to react because in their eyes you are still the most perfect person they have ever looked at. That's why I choose this topic because I want to talk about how animals get abused and what we can do to stop animal cruelty.

In my blog I would like to talk about animal abuse and also how we can stop it. Animals like dogs are most likely to get abused because the majority of people have a pet dog. Dogs were given to us to have as friends not for a target to hurt that's why they are called a “Man's best friend”. I know that animal abuse is not just hurting dogs but other animals that get mistreated such as cats, birds (pet birds not the ones you hunt), bunnies, etc.

I hope to make an impact on people who abuse their pets. I want to help people see what is wrong with hurting an animal that does nothing but love its owner. I understand that sometimes your pet does something bad but it does not give you the right to hurt that little animal, it annoys me when someone hits their pet because that person would not like it if someone else slapped them across the face or just smacked them.