Wednesday, November 30, 2016

passion blog

My blog is about animals and mostly about animal abuse. I chose this topic because I'm really passionate about animals. I probably like animals more than I like people because animals are so loving. If a dog is mean i think it's the owners fault because they didn't raise their pet right. People that get their dogs to get into dog fights are the worst. I had a dog but I had to give it away because I was moving into a home that did not allow pets so I had to give him away and I gave him away to my neighbor's brother and I didn't know he had dogs in dog fights before and my dog was the friendliest dog ever and then I found out that my dog had been put in dog fights and had passed away I was devastated I love my dog so much and after the guy had him he was mean all the time he would bark at people and tried to bit them it was horrible. I had another dog but I also had to give him away and I gave it to my dad's friend and he said that “he thought he tied him right” because he had him in the back of the truck and my dog jumped out in the freeway and that's why I love animals so much because I hate seeing them hurt or frightened. I love all types of animals I'm always at my uncle's farm because he has cows, chickens, goats, horses, dogs, and cats. I just love being surrounded by animals

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