Thursday, December 15, 2016

*made up short story

Kim is 5 years young her mother had bought her a puppy before she passed away. The puppy was a female husky named kisses because she loved giving kisses she was a lovable puppy. Kim loved her puppy so much she would take her to school everyday until her teacher had told her to not bring her puppy to school because it was a distraction to the kids in the class. The next day kim had to leave kisses with her father. Kim's dad was in his early 30’s and his name was conner. Later that day Conner had forgotten to feed kisses. Conner was looking for kisses all over the house and did not find her in her room. Conner started to freak out because he couldn't find her, he then saw her in his shoe closet and saw that kisses had ripped up his good shoes. Conner got really mad and started smacking and kicking kisses. The puppy ran to her room. She was frightened by what just happened. When ki got home she tried to pick up kisses but she would only whimper and she didn't know what was wrong with her so she asked her father and her father told her that she had rolled down the stairs. Everyday after that day her father would beat kisses until Kim turned 9 years old. Kim found out that her father would beat her dog because she caught him while he was beating kisses. Kim tried to stop him but he just smacked her in the face. After that day he realized he was a horrible person and went to therapy everyday while he was in jail and also when he got out of jail he went to therapy until her got better. Conner was not there for Kim's first kiss story, he was not there for her first breakup and heartbreak, he was not there for her when she needed help on her math homework, he wasn't there for her 8th grade graduation or her high school graduation, he wasn't there when she got the good news that she was accepted to Harvard, and finally he was not there to watch her grow up into the amazing young lady all because her father made the mistake of hurting an animal.

The moral of this story is that if you hurt your pet you will most likely end up hurting your child and will not be able to watch her or him grow up.

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  1. good information, I like how you talk about why you got a new puppy and how he meant to you.