Friday, January 20, 2017

Are these places really the best places for animals?

I disagree with some of the article “4 of the best places for animals” because i don't think anywhere in asia is the best place for dogs and cats because there are so many stray animals, yes they have animal shelters for animals but there hundreds maybe even thousands of stray animals. And that's why I don't think Hong Kong is such a great place for animals.

Most of the article I agree with because they are really great places but no matter how much we want to help animals we won't be able to rescue all of them but we still need to try to save the ones we can. In Switzerland it is illegal to cut a dogs tail off and I totally agree with that because it is never ok to cut off something that is very meaningful to something a dog's tail is so cute I don't understand why someone would like to cut it off. Some people think it's cool but it really isn't.

Germany is also a good place for animals I guess because no matter if there are stray dogs the people take care of the animals and love the animals like if it was there's and many people go to Germany as a vacation and many of those people care about those animals and feed them they just have a great heart and feed the stray dogs and try to give them shelter.

In the U.K. If you are under 16 you can not buy a dog and I think that's a good idea because there are many immature kids that like to mess with dogs to the point where they are almost dead and so I agree with that idea. If the parent buys you a puppy that's cool because everyone one deserves to grow up with a best friend but if an underage kid buys a puppy without the parent's permission the parents may not want the puppy and let them out the house and they will become stray dogs that's why I agree with this article.

I'd like to thank my teacher for choosing this article for me because it was kinda challenging to agree with most of this article and trying to explain why I agree and disagree with the article “4 of the best places for animals”.

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  1. I didnt know that in different countries there are laws for animals. Like how in Switzerland they dont allow them to cut off their cute tails. I agree with immature people to not own an animal because then they wont be abused, or neglected and normally when kids have animals the parents almost always have to take care of it or neglect it as well because they say its not their animal but its their kid.